Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving sharing

I just have to show off some of the projects my friends have been making for Thanksgiving.  Here are a few:

Check out Sia Vang's cute turkey's! I love how she put the names on the hat.  A little word window punch from Stampin' up!  and there you go.

How about those cute turkey's with googlie eyes?  These turkey's are from create a critter cricut cartridge.  Sia added an adorable  half rosette to the back of the turkey which is a great touch.

The little girl turkey's were a happy mistake.  Sia accidentally cut out a bunch of bows and decided to have female turkey's.  This one was my fave.

My friend Claudia Shaw-Weger made this cute little turkey treat for the Thanksgiving table.  She wrapped a box of milk duds and added punch art.

What a cute little face on that turkey!

How about a cute turkey that display's a sweet treat?  

A friend Megge Woolbright made these edible turkey's that look so yummy!!!  She wrote on fb that since she is a vegetarian these are the only turkey's she is eating this year.

Tee hee~


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