Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad...

Cailynne had back-to-school night where Gary and I had to go to each of her classes for 6 minutes and get a brief overview from her teachers on what to expect.  This year Cailynne is taking AP Science, AP Social Studies, and AP Language Arts and Reading.  She is working so hard!  One of the assignments in  her Language Arts class was write Gary and I a letter. But it didn't stop there.  Gary and I had to write her back and then she bring it to class to get extra credit points.

I just love apples and school.  I have heard that a lot of teachers aren't into apples because they get so much apple-themed gifts.  So I made a cute apple themed card for Cay because that perfectly preserved stamp set is so cute!  I just wanted to make something apple-ish for a school project.  I have to say that my sister is a junior high teacher and probably would give her right arm for an apple-themed gift.  Junior high teachers are so under-appreciated.  

Cay loves to eat apples and liked the card. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I think she rolls her eyes at my crafting.  I seem to get a lot of eye rolling nowadays.  Junior highers are so fun!

Tee hee~

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