Friday, April 27, 2012

The only limitation is your imagination

This was on a sign on the wall at the bead store I worked at in college.  I got the job by dumping a whole shelf of beads on the floor.  Small little beads in cases everywhere mixing together.  Arrrgghh! Totally cringing just remembering it!   I told Debbie, the manager, that I really enjoy making jewelry and maybe she felt sorry for me, but advised that they were hiring and to come back the next day for an interview.  I did and got the job.  Hey, I owed them some serious labor after that move!  BEST job I ever had.  I was able to host children's parties, teach classes, and rub elbows with crafty people.  Speaking of teaching classes, last night was so fun at my wire-wrapping class!  I tell you my Stampin' Up! group has opened up a circle of people that are so talented and fun.  I really enjoyed getting together and look forward to scheduling another class quick!  

I gave the women a spool of wire and a bag of beads.  They have extra's to play with so they can add chain for a necklace.  Also, they can add head pins and ear wires for the earrings. 


Niki, Charlette, and Jen showing off their bracelets.  How cool are they?  I am amazed at how quick everyone caught on and I am definitely ready for another beading get together.

Tee hee~


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